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The story of Humphreys

Humphreys has always been a family store. Humphreys was started in 1966 by John Humphrey and his wife Jeanette together with Jeanette's parents' Jean and Tom Rickard. For the first few years the store was called Humphreys & Rickard.

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Being able to change with the times is one reason the business is so strong after more than 50 years. Humphreys  employ about 40 local staff, most of who are also thought of as family

John and Jeanette Humphrey went on to have four children.  Their three boys Roger, Chris and Mark have all been actively involved in the business and helped make it the wonderful store that you see today.

Humphreys Manly beach
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Over the decades Humphreys  expanded to add an entire bookstore department, a toy department and  quality gifts and souvenirs for the many daytrippers from the ferry who wanted a memento of their lovely day at the beach.

Humphreys Manly sky train

The famous Humphreys sky train was installed after John (a big kid at heart) saw a similar one in a store in the USA in the 1990's and decided there and then he wanted something just as fun for his store.  A play area has also been added recently for busy parents.


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Before working in the business,  son Mark Humphrey worked as a fully qualified schoolteacher for 20 years.  He has been a big influence in choosing quality educational books and toys.

John and Jeanette Humphrey raised a big family and so John, now in his 80's has always understood parents buying toys and gifts are on a budget.

The Humphreys team visit gift fairs around the country and always look for the best price for the most popular toys to make their local customers happy.

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Humphreys opened a warehouse in Balgowlah in 2007 for the huge business stationery arm of their company. It also gave the ability to fulfil large wholesale school orders for many local schools

Humphreys are extremely proud to have been in business for over 50 years  and want to thank the community and customers for their continued loyalty and support.

Come and visit today for a day out in Manly or Balgowlah and be part of our extended family.

John Humphrey says: 

“I still go to The Corso early in the morning on most days and I have an office at Balgowlah, so I spend quite a bit of time up there.”

“My staff are like family and I’ve got managers who’ve been with us for more than 25 years such as Richard Harvey.

 There are also lots of staff who’ve been with us for more than 20 years.”

 John Humphrey was named Manly Council’s Citizen Of The Year 2006 and received a State Government  achievement award 2010 for his contribution to business.

There is a regular specials table for good quality toys and books in the Manly Corso store so come down and snap up a bargain. Sometimes it's less than half price. Humphreys often have exclusive access to these deals through over 50 years of good supplier relationships. 

They also sell many more of these once-off bargains at the warehouse in Balgowlah where there is a bit more room to stock it.

Humphreys newsagent
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