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Humphreys Warehouse

Balgowlah store

New branded bargains

every week.

Come down and check out what's in quick though....

Humphreys warehouse facebook

52 Balgowlah rd Balgowlah  near Bunnings.

Humphreys warehouse in Balgowlah is a great place for families to drop in and grab a bargain on well known kids books and toys. (many authors and toys  are global bestsellers).


The warehouse has become a great place to store and sell these great quality products. We have access to these low prices from years of great supplier relationships.

Some of these are also on our"specials table" at the Corso store. Make sure YOU don't miss out  and have a look every time you pop in ! (or just follow us on facebook ).


It's a "raw" store front in Balgowlah but we know you won't mind as people come back time and time again once they've had a taste of the brilliant once off prices. It's especially handy for parties, (Party bag treats like activity books) birthdays and christmas time. FULL OF SUGAR FREE FUN ! See you there near Bunnings !


This store supplies business stationery too so don't forget to browse our large range.

Click on the icon to go straight to the warehouse facebook page to see what the the latest bargains are

Open weekdays only 8am - 4:30pm 

(NOTE: 4pm closing Fridays) 


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